Mar 4, 2014

Happy New Year... Yes I Know Its March

So yea, I've been busy and not putting any effort in keeping up my blog. I have been juggling two jobs and parenthood. Once the boys are in bed I totally veg out on the couch and watch home improvement shows before heading to dreamland. The last thing I think about is logging on my laptop and talk about the randomness that is my life. But, when I do get on and write about nothing, it always makes me feel better. Kind of like running... it is so hard to put on the shoes and walk out the door but once you are done with the run I never regret it. Food for thought I guess to remember.

My boys love their school, I love my home and look forward to going to school. Life has presented some unexpected possibilities as well as hurtles so I am just going to wing it. Things seem to happen for a reason and the universe knows what I can handle, learn and overcome. Ultimately, I get one life so if I want to try once more on something that has failed, so what? Or at least this is what I tell myself. The main focus right now is my happiness. If I am happy, my boys are happier, my day is brighter and life just all falls into place. Those who love me worry about my happiness and myself staying in that state. No, I do not struggle with depression but when I am sad, it seems like everyone worries.

Hmm, but if I never got sad, hurt or emotional, then when the hell will I ever fully appreciate my own realm of "Nush" happiness?  I am beyond perfect but I do think I am pretty awesome. I maybe quick to make my decisions based on emotions, as I am an emotional person. Not bad, not good just who I am. People do not have to be perfect to be amazing. Remember that peeps! 'Cause I could totally put to use this lesson.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Dec 6, 2013

Holy Batman There Is Ice

Only in Texas you will be wearing shorts 48 hours prior to a winter mix storm that take you as a hostage. Yes, being forced to stay indoors with your family is a great way to reconnect. Then throw in a glass, or two of wine and it instantly transforms into a party. Okay, that is my kind of party. ;)

Today has consisted of working from home, Guess Who, cuddling on the couch with my two minis and playing out in the back. But, this ice storm take me back to the last real storm we had a few years back. The last winter ever spent with my children's father, by ex-husband. A time where I felt us both drifting apart but just could not put my finger on it. Kind of like that feeling that you know someone is staring at you without even knowing. I just knew something was up with us.

... and I was right.

That last snow storm will always stay with me. When I looked out back and saw the beautiful white blanket it immediately made me sick to my stomach.  I remembered why. I've been told to move on from my past experiences, and a portion of me has. I am a big believer that everything we do and take part in is a learning experience. I never want to forget. It makes me who I am today.

A few days before my son's 6th birthday party he called it off. He first started with that he needed space and distance to think clearly. Kind of like a break. I do not do "breaks". Looking back maybe I was the selfish one not allowing him to explore the opportunities in his world, the world that did not include me. Then again I wanted to tackle this obstacle as a team. I may be a bit too optimistic and he felt like I was not seeing things clearly. Maybe I wasn't or maybe I wanted our family of 4 to last an eternity. The thought of a life without him was very scary.

Now fast forward to almost three years. My children have an active father who loves and supports their endeavors.  The fear that my boys would grow up not being close to their father faded. In result I can see how each one of their relationships with their dad is different and both so special.

Our new family journey is an exciting one with my sons. Our new home being available to move before the end of the year. Both my kids will be going to an amazing school and we will be closer to family and my closest friends that are like my second family.

See things always happen for a reason. This coming year will be one of plenty of family time, girl cocktail happy hour, and adventure.

Aug 15, 2013

Back to School 2013-2014

Here we are, the end of summer break. My kids are DREADING it. Honestly, I am too( but I don't let them know this). Not in the mood to rush out of the house to make it on time. Not in the mood to have packed lunches ready for the next day. Not in the mood to get in the carpool lane for an prolonged length of time to grab my boys.

Just not  in the mood to say goodbye to summer. She was good to us. She always is.

I have enjoyed the boys sleeping in and going to bed late, with the house filled with laughter. It has been great to spend our days at the pool, movies, and more without having to worry about homework. In a short few weeks, we will have the school routine implemented again.

To my boys:

May this school year be one of growth and knowledge. Be confident in yourself to ask for help from the teacher and raise your hand and take a leap. Be a friends to all and an advocate against bullying. Before you open your mouth think... is this kind, helpful or encouraging.

To the new school year of 2013-2014, we will be ready for you. Until August the 26th shows up on our doorstep, we will continue to swim and bask in the summer sun. 


May 22, 2013

Getting My Fitness Back

Once upon a time there was this mom who would eat her son's left over Macaroni and Cheese due to fear of throwing away and being wasteful.  She would look forward to Sonic Happy Hour to grab a Route 33 Coke pretending it was a Cosmo or Vodka Martini and sip in the same fashion. She even would drink plenty of beer that was brewed but couldn't figure out why she was overweight. Often wearing clothing that was not her style and quickly losing desire to look cute presentable on a day to day basis. She would deal with 'bouts of depression every time she looked in the mirror but then would quickly snap out of it when she heard the laughter from her two children.

She was fully committed to her children but did not realize that loving them meant the same as loving herself. If she couldn't find a way of loving herself, how in Earth was she able to fully be aware and present for her children?

This was me a few years back. I was stuck in a dark tunnel of repetition. I would find every excuse in the book as to why there was not enough hours in the day to get healthy.

After the birth of Superbabe I found myself looking in the mirror in total d.i.s.g.u.s.t. I could be naked or clothed, I hated how I looked. It became harder and harder for me to find the old me inside the many layers of pain, regret and negativity. I would go on kicks of healthy eating and exercise but then quickly quit due to the exhaustion of the day. Diaper changes, vacuuming  walking the dog, clean dog crap, bath-time  dinner, and the list goes on and on. Once night made an appearance I would think to myself, " Eh, tomorrow is a new day!"  I would sit on the couch eating things I used to eat but without noticing how my body was not getting what it needed to keep me fueled throughout the day.

I believe this was back in the beginning of 2008. Superbabe was born in 2007. YUCK comes to mind

Finally I started scheduling time for myself and picked up running with one of my close friends. To my amazement, I loved it. I was extremely shocked since I hated running Cross Country( middle school-lol) and in Athletics in high school( uhm, forget that I graduated in '99). Nevertheless, we would motivate each other  on keeping up with our workout schedules. I lost a great amount of weight( about 20-30-ish pounds). This was the weight I had been housing from being pregnant years before.

Around 2010-2011

Here we are in 2013. I have ran since then but really have totally sucked at it since I moved, then my treadmill died....I know pure excuses!  In the past month I have found a great running path at a local community college. I have ran as much as 5 miles and as little as 2 1/2 miles at a time. Working at keeping up the momentum and getting closer to my goal.

What's my goal?

1. Run a 10k
2. Lose  20-ish more pounds
3. Gain additional health benefits
4. Remain healthy to be a great role model to my children

This past month at my son's 2nd grade Musical

There are other blogs I follow who share their starting weight and their current weight. I am not at the position right now. I know the scale is just a number but once I hit my lowest weight since being a mother in the past three months, I have decided to not get on the scale. For now I am content in keeping the one goal pair of jeans or particular dress in my closet to help measure my progress. Yes, I probably sound start measuring myself as well as documenting my mileage each day... one day I will. For now you may have to read random post from me about my health journey.

Visually seeing myself in these pictures helps me stay focused. What helps you?

Peace Out!

May 21, 2013

Victory for this Mother

Today I woke up before the alarm went off and bee lined to the boys room to get them up. For some off reason they have the hardest time with the way I wake them up. I rub their back while telling them, "Good Morning and that its time to get up. " But, one afternoon Rockstar told me that to hear my voice is actually calming and makes them feel relaxed, in return keeping them asleep.

Ah Ha!

So now I do the same thing in their room but then turn on their alarm to a particular radio station and this tends to wake them up in about 10 minutes. Not bad if I say so myself. Plus, like their mama, they love to listen to music and often walk out of their room with a smile rather then whining.

This morning was a success! Even in times when its hard and my youngest is throwing a tantrum on who knows what are the same times I feel strong after its all done. When patience and leaning an ear wins then Mommy and the whole gang are happy.

I recently came across and infographic that I really enjoyed and learned off of. Here it is:

This is from the book, The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle. I actually saw this on Pinterest and loved the information. Will have to grab the book at the local book store. 

Both my boys are actually a mix of two different ones. My oldest, RockStar, is my Serious and Sensitive Child while my youngest- SuperBabe is my Fun loving and Sensitive Child.  

Hope this helps guide you in a clearer form of communication with your little person.

With much love, 

Mar 27, 2012

Getting Ready for Appointment

Rockstar has doctor's appointments every three months, and today it is time to go back. He is excited to go and learn way to improve his choices on his health and brush up on procedures he already knows about. But, wow... it has been three months since his diagnosis and really each day it gets easier in the sense of feeling confident in my care for him. Yea, it still greatly stinks that he is insulin dependent but he has been a real trooper from the get go.

Here is to a great dr appointment!

Much love and laughter,

Mar 6, 2012

Awesome Tutorial from a Talented Friend

I love homemade crafts and when you can use things you have in your kitchen- EVEN BETTER! My friend Jackie has recently decided to be a "back at home mom" and created a beautiful blog for all of us to enjoy. Check out this great tutorial of homemade playdoh! This is sure to make you the coolest mom in your house.

That's for sure!

Much love and laughter,